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Essentials of digital clinical safety

Healthcare provision and delivery within the NHS today is highly dependent on information technology, which includes sophisticated systems and services. Healthcare is an integrated and complex “system of systems”, with a patient’s care pathway supported by technology and different services. Whilst the use of health IT can deliver significant healthcare benefits, failure or unintended use of health IT systems has the potential to introduce hazards and associated patient harm.

This elearning for healthcare programme was developed with the NHS Digital Clinical Safety team and aims to support a culture of digital clinical safety across NHS organisations. It is designed to support health and social care organisations and manufacturers of Health IT to ensure that all members of staff within the organisation have an awareness of digital clinical safety.

Those working within digital clinical safety, including clinicians, staff in administrative roles, project managers and testers may find the programme useful. Learners can expect an interactive learning experience, with questions to assess their knowledge. A certificate will be available to download and print after completing the elearning programme.

The programme is also available via the Electronic Staff Register (ESR) and AICC.

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