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Medical Care - driving change

Improving healthcare together

Patient and Carer Network (PCN) Chair

Eddie Kinsella

The PCN welcomes the creation of Medical Care - driving change and is pleased to help shape its' development from the outset.

Medical Care - driving change, Editor-in-chief

Dan Smith

The key aim for Medical Care - driving change is to share the whole story or journey of best practice - not just isolated examples and support implementation.

RCP Trainees committee representative

Dr Aicha Bouraoui

I am delighted to be a part of the Medical Care - driving change journey to bring people, clinicians and service users together, put our shared values into action and organise resources effectively to drive high-quality care for all.

RCP QI fellow

Dr David Green

One of the biggest challenges I face in QI work is trying to get an overarching view of what others are doing in my area of interest. I’m excited to watch people share and progress improvement work together. It’s a really great opportunity and I’m looking forward to it taking off.

Executive director of care, quality improvement, RCP

Sue Latchem

Medical Care - driving change creates a great opportunity to interact with learning from clinical teams. I encourage you all to be a part of it, whatever your clinical background.


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