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Hello and welcome to Medical Care – driving change. We are excited to launch this new resource at Medicine 2023, bringing together individuals from all healthcare backgrounds to share resources, collaborate and ultimately improve patient care.


I am often asked to signpost colleagues to resources on quality improvement, patient safety and clinical leadership and I have a long list of recommendations I tend to send. We hope that Medical Care – driving change will bring all those resources together by working collaboratively with leaders and experts in those fields, saving you time searching.


The site includes fantastic resources across all areas of healthcare improvement, patient safety, and digital transformation. Our goal is for it to constantly evolve and improve, with further content delivered each week. Be sure to bookmark the website and return frequently to stay updated with new innovations.

Dan Smith

Medical Care will constantly evolve and improve, with further resources delivered regularly

Before starting the role as editor-in-chief of Medical Care – driving change, I never appreciated the amount of work that goes into creating all these fantastic resources and a fully functioning website. So special thanks must go to the small but perfectly formed team who have designing, delivering and promoting the site. Thanks also to colleagues within the RCP who have passionately driven Medical Care – driving change from an initial idea to business case – without their vision and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be where we are today.

When you read, watch and listen to content on Medical Care – driving change, know that a massive effort has been undertaken to carefully select and curate the best resources around each topic with further reading signposted. Our aim is to make the resources as accessible as possible as we recognise the pressures faced by you and your teams. The resources have been selected and produced by a fantastic and passionate group of content advisers from a range of clinical backgrounds and disciplines and in the next few weeks we will be sharing and thanking our contributors to encourage collaboration and networking.


Dan Smith

I would also like to thank the many medical societies, national programmes and healthcare organisations who are close partners, have provided strategic feedback and opportunities to collaborate and share content.

This is just phase one of Medical Care – driving change. We know we still have a way to go, and we have plans to make the site more interactive, to promote networking and learning from each other, and to share best practice. Our aim is to represent all areas of interest and perspectives globally.

We are your voice. So please head to the ‘Get involved’ page where we are actively seeking more content and guidance from our colleagues to provide a diverse range of information to our readers.


So, where to start? Firstly, please browse the site – there is something to interest, stimulate and challenge everyone. The content is provided in a range of resource types from videos and podcasts to written articles, to value your time and cater for different learning styles.


Each month we will have a key focus. For launch we are partnering with Medicine 2023 to highlight sustainability and its impact on healthcare.


Alice Joy, one of the RCP’s Patient and Carer Network (PCN) representatives, has written a blog on sustainability, exploring the viewpoint of patients and calling for greater ‘emphasis on health rather than cure’. This echoes the thoughts of Dr Helena Clements, one of our regular contributors, who explains that ‘the climate crisis is a health crisis!’.


Under the ‘Leading change’ section, we are delighted that Dr Aklak Choudhury and Thomas Rollinson have shared fantastic videos on introductions to quality improvement and Dr Henrietta Hughes, the first ever Patient Safety Commissioner for England, introduces her new role and shares further information on the principles of patient safety.


On 5 April we will start the first of a series of webinars on medicines safety with ‘medicines during transition of care’ with expert speakers including Jennifer Flatman, senior pharmacist and previous RCP patient safety fellow sharing learning and improvement ideas. We hope to see you there!


Keep in touch – we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas via



We would like your feedback to improve Medical Care - driving change

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